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Volume 35: 2013

Magazine Vol.35/No.1: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour. Chapter Points: Playland New York 1928-2013… (a 10-page feature). 1978’s Kennywood. 1913’s roller coasters (featuring: Euclid Beach Park in Ohio “Derby Racer,” Luna Park in West Virginia “Royal Giant Dips,” Colonial Park in Texas “Giant Dips,” Sandy Beach in Massachusetts “Cannon Ball,” Chilhowee Park in Tennessee “Figure Eight,” Redondo Beach in California “Lightning Racer,” Crescent Park in Rhode Island “Racing Coaster,” Idora Park in California “Race Thru The Clouds,” Easton Beach in Rhode Island “Scenic Railway”, and the “Scenic Coaster” at West End / Spanish Fort in Louisiana. Haunting memories of Arnolds Park’s Bug House. 1978’s roller coasters. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1927 sheltered rides scene in Peoria, Illinois (park unidentified), and a 1918 Cincinnati Zoo carousel horse. (Front cover: New York Playland’s Art Deco Music Tower in the 1930s. Back cover: Aerial view of New York Playland’s Dragon Coaster).

Magazine Vol.35/No.2: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Sans Souci Park 1899-1930s (a 5-page feature). 1913 news: Midland Beach in New York =Circle Swing collapse, Coney Island Ohio =fire, Woodside Park in Pennsylvania =roller coaster rebuilt, Palisades Park in New Jersey =roller coaster collision, etc. La Ronde in 1978. 4 aerial photos: Denmark’s Bakken and Tivoli Gardens, Japan’s Hanayashiki Park, and Sweden’s Gröna Lund. New York Coney Island retrospect (a 2-page feature). 1953’s parks’ and movie news. Haunting memories (photos: Fairyland Park in Missouri “Fun House” and “Godzilla’s Den” facades in 1989). Anniversary roller coasters. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1951 Long Island Carousel, John Miller’s reversible boat, and Vol.35/No.1 unidentified park was “Fairground Park”. (Front cover: 1950s movie posters. Back cover: Sans Souci’s Loop-de-Loop roller coaster and fountain).

Magazine Vol.35/No.3: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour. Chapter Points: Kansas City’s Fairyland Park 1923-1977 (a 7-page feature). Feltman’s “Ziz” Scenic Railway. Roller coaster openings 1988. Revere Beach’s Musical Railway. Idora Park 1978. The Giggler – a 1913 walk-thru. Haunting memories (photos: Funtown USA’s “Haunted Castle” / “Laugh-in-the-Dark” in the 1950s, Marine Pier’s “Monster Den” in the 1960s, and Indian Point’s “House of Horror” in 1952). Remembering Atlantic City’s Trop World – the indoor amusement park 1988-1995. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: “Bubble Bounce” ride construction, and Lyric Theatre with “To Merry-Go-Round” sign (city unidentified). / Front cover: Fairyland’s new National Amusement Device Wildcat roller coaster in 1967. Back cover: Fairyland’s defunct Wildcat roller coaster in 1989.

Magazine Vol.35/No.4: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour. Chapter Points: Washington Park on the Delaware 1895-1913/14 (a 5-page feature). Riverview Chicago 1913 advertisements. Ocean Beach California 1923 +a new self-propelled Steeplechase-type ride. Camden Park is 110-years-old. Cedar Point’s Gatekeeper roller coaster. Bob-Lo Island’s Sky Streek roller coaster is 40-years-old – now operating as “Titan” at Selva Mágica in Mexico. Haunting memories (photos: Conneaut Lake Park’s “Fun House,” Kennywood’s “Bug House,” Edgewood Park’s “Temple of Mirth,” and Cedar Point’s “Tours of the World” facades). Cedar Point 1978 +photos. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1970s unidentified Carrousel +National Amusement Device figures. / Front cover: Cedar Point’s Gemini in 1978. Back cover: Camden Park’s Haunted House facade in 1981.

Magazine Vol.35/No.5: 2013. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour. Chapter Points: Dutch Wonderland celebrates 50 years of operation (a 5-page feature). A visit to the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair (Steeplechase Park’s GM, James J. Onorato’s diary entry). Carousels celebrating 100 years. Dorney Park’s “Thunderhawk” and Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Big Dipper” are 90-years-old (a 3-page feature). Carrousel identified (from Vol.35/No.4). 30 years ago: 1983 images showing 13 now-defunct wooden roller coasters. Haunting memories (photos: Riverview Park in Chicago “Hades,” Chutes Park’s in San Francisco “Hades” and “Devil’s Slide,” Happyland in Winnipeg “Hades”, and Venice Pier in California “Hades” in 1910). Dorney Park 35 years ago. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1925 view of Granada Amusement Park in Michigan, a 1925 Funhouse “Steeplechase” attraction, and a 1928 view of the “Pippin” roller coaster at Ocean View Park in Florida. / Front cover: A 1960s aerial view of Dorney Park. Back cover: Dutch Wonderland’s Sky Princess roller coaster in 1993.

Magazine Vol.35/No.6: 2013. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour. Chapter Points: Hungary’s Vidám Park closes (a 5-page feature). Adventureland’s Tornado is 35-years-old. Anniversaries: Lakeside =105, Quassy =105, Liseberg =90, and Drievliet =75. Knoebels’ Flying Turns gallery. Wartime at Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park 1942-1946. Haunting memories (photos: Mariner’s Landing walk-through “Funhouse” in 1996, New York Coney Island’s “Casa Macabra” in 1983, and Miracle Strip’s “Haunted House” in the 1970s). Crystal Beach Park 35 years ago. Members’ letters +Coney Island Ohio 1958 =“Land of Oz” flood. NAPHA Archives: a 1926 Tilt-A-Whirl with a John A. Miller connection, 1931 John A. Miller blueprint for the “Have A Laugh” / “Cave of the Winds” dark ride, a 1940s National Amusement Device single-seat kiddie coaster car, and a 1969 view from atop Euclid Beach Park’s Ferris wheel. / Front cover: Vidám Park’s Ferris wheel. Back cover: Festive greetings from NAPHA.

Volume 40: 2018

Magazine Vol.40/No.1: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour Features: Exposition des Arts Decoratifs (History of the 1925 Exposition in Paris, France, 7 pages, 30 images) / A Look Back to 1918 (Carsonia Park: Reading, PA; Kiddie Park: San Antonio, TX; Rexford Park: Schnectady, NY; Cincinnati Zoo, Great America, CA, Woodland Park Zoo: Seattle, WA; Glen Echo Park, Washington, DC/Glen Echo, MD; Mount Clemens, MI; Summit Beach Park, Akron, OH; Forst Park: Forest Park, IL; Kennywood Park West Mifflin, PA; Capitol Beach Park: Lincoln, NE /. Good Times/Bad Times (Paragon Park: Nantasket Beach, Hull, MA; Riverview Park: Des Moines, IA; Old Orchard Beach, ME) / Haunting Memories of Dark Summer's Past (Centerville Island: Toronto, Canada; Hersheypark: Hershey, PA; Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada; Canadian National Exhibition: Toronto, Canada) / Cape Vegas Strataflite (1 page, 3 images) / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Eden: Czech Republic; Lyons, France; Casale, Moneferrato, Italy; Hugo Haase: Naumnurg, Germany) / Fun in the Dark (Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY; Forest Park Highlands; St. Louis, MO; Six Flags over Texas; Arlington, TX) / Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Niagara County, NY; Pleasure Park: Singac, NJ; Lincoln Beach: New Orleans, LA; Jackson Baths: Stockton, CA; Happyland: South Beach, Staten Island, NY; Electric Park: Ft. Smith, AK) / A Recollection of Racing in Mexico City (Jim Abbate's experience with the La Montana Rusa roller coaster at Chapultepec Park: Mexico City,Mexico, 6 pages, 15 images) / 1893 Ice Railway (Attraction at the 1893 Columbian Exposition: Chicago, IL, 2 pages, 7 images) / Dragon's Gorge, Coney Island, NY (history of this Lunar Park/L. A. Thompson Scenic Railway, 2 pages, 8 images) / Brisbane World Expo (History of this 1988 expo in Brisbane, Australia (1 page, 4 images) / Through the Years: Bay Beach Park: Green Bay, WI (1 page, 3 images) / ACE 2018 Landmarks (Wild One, Six Flags America: Bowie, MD; Kiddy Coaster, Playland: Rye, NY) / Expositions, Fairs, Exhibitions & Festivals (Auckland Exhibition of 2013: Australia; Tennessee Centennial Exposition 1897: Nashville, TN; 1904 St. Louis World's Fair: St. Louis, MO; 1935/1936 California Pacific International Exposition: San Diego, CA) / Jonah and the Whale (History of the Jonah and the Whale attraction at Sea Beach, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY, 2 pages, 6 images) / Tower of Babble (History of NAOHA during its 40th Anniversary, 2 pages, 10 pages)

Magazine Vol.40/No.2: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour Features: IAAPA Expo 2017 (10 pages, 20 images) / Streaking Through the Ravine II (NAPHA's 2017 summer trip to Idora Park Experience: Canfield, OH; Conneaut Lake Park: Conneaut Lake, PA; Waldameer Park: Erie PA (6 pages, 25 images) / Roller Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Includes Forest Park: Chicago IL; Ocean View Park: Jacksonville Beach; Norfolk, VA; Black Hawk Watch Tower Park: Rock Island, IL; Venice Beach, CA; Las Angels, CA) / Tuscora Park: New Philadelphia, OH (includes the history of the park (4 pages, 7 images) / A Look Back to 1968 (Includes Kennywood Park: West Mifflin, PA; Conneaut Lake Park: Conneaut Lake, PA; Marine World, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Redwood City, CA; Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD; Washington DC; AstroWorld: Houston, TX) / Finding Azoosment in the Rain (NAPHA's 2017 Fall trip to Santa's Village AZoosment Park: Dundee, IL, 6 pages, 20 images) / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Includes Joyland Park: Yarmouth UK; Frontierland: Morecambe, UK; Southport Pleasureland: Southport, UK; Chessington's Worlds of Adventure: Chessington, London, England, UK; Frontierland Family Theme Park: Morecambe, Lancashire, England, UK; Lightwater Valley: Ripon, UK) / New Book Feature, Idlewild: History and Memories of Pennsylvania's Oldest Amusement Park.

Magazine Vol.40/No.3: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour Features: Minnesota Kiddieland Gets a Second Chance (Outlines the history of this park in Detroit Lakes, Fargo, ND) / Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Robinson Park: Fort Wayne, IN; Washington Park: Michigan City, MI; Alamo Park: Cedar Rapids, IA; Riverside Park: Sioux City, IA; Riverside Park: Des Moines, IA; Carnival Park: Kansas City, MO) / From Carousels to Kiddielands: Allan Herschell's Legacy (10 pages, 36 images) / A Look Back To 1993 (Includes events at Whalom Park: Lunenburg, PA; Peony Park: Omaha NE; Stricker's Grove: Ross, OH; Bob-lo Island: Bois Blanc Island, Ontario; Adventureland: Altoona, IA; Idlewild Park: Ligonier, PA) / NAPHA's BIG 4-OHHHH: Keystone State Adventure (NAPHA's 2017 summer trip to Idlewild & SoakZone: Ligonier, PA; DelGrosso's: Tipton, PA;) / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Includes Holiday Park: Germany; Walygator Parc: Maizières-lès-Metz, France; Euro Disney, Coupvray, France; European Carousel; Luna Park: Paris, France; Nokka Kiven Puisto: Lievestuore, Laukaa, Finland / Staying on the Drawing Board: Las Vegas/ Riding the Rails at Kennywood (6 pages, 12 photos)

Magazine Vol.40/No.4: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (West View Park: Pittsburgh, PA; Euclid Beach Park: Cleveland, OH; Waldameer Park: Erie, PA; White City: New Haven, CT; The Pike: Long Beach, CA; Flushing Meadows Park: 1939 New York World's Fair, New York, NY) / People of the Parks: Deno's Wonder Wheel Park (5 pages, 14 images) / Closed for the Season: Close for Good (America's Fun Park: Branson, MO; Heritage Amusement Park: Golden, CO; Sandy Lake: Dallas, Fort Worth, TX; City Park: Iowa City, IA; Bowcraft: Scotch Plains, NJ; Valley Worlds of Fun: Fairmount, VA; Jungle Jim's Playland: Midvale, UT) / A Look Back to 1943 (Glen Echo Park, Washington DC/ Glen Echo, MD; Luna Park, Coney Island, NY; Lake Compounce: Bristol, CT; Beverly Park: Las Angelas, CA; Ocean Pier: Wildwood, NJ; Playland Park: San Antonio, CA) /. 40 Years of Great Moments in NAPHA (a history of NAPHA, 6 pages, 21 images) / Vintage full page advertisement of Rocky Springs Park, Chester, WV / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Bob-Lo Island: Bois Blanc Island, Ontario, Canada; Grande Roud de Paris: Paris, France; Crystal Beach Park: Ontario, Canada; Central Pier: Blackpook, England, UK; LunEur Park: Rome, Italy; O.K. Corral: Cuges les Pins, France)

Volume 41: 2019

Magazine Vol.41/No.1: 2019. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour Features: Staying on the Drawing Board: The Theme Park That Didn't Happen: Wild Escape: Ohio County, OH) / A History of Trimper's Rides: Ocean City, MD (8 pages, 29 images) / Evolution of the Miniature Train Co. (6 pages, 22 images) / Coasters Lost & long Forgotten (Includes Luna Park: Mansfield, OH; Pontchartrain Beach: New Orleans, LA; Springlake Park: Oklahoma City, OK; Coney Island, NY; Revere Beach, MA; Wonderland Park, Wichita, KS) / A Great Industry Needs a Great Trade Association: The International Association of Amusement Parks and attractions Celebrates its 100th Anniversary (6 pages, 15 images) / A Look Back to 1919 (Includes Peony Park: Omaha, NE; Asbury Park, NJ; Clementon Park; Clementon, NJ; Quassy Park: Middlebury CT; Happyland Amusement Park: South Beach, Staten Island, NY; Waldameer Park: Erie, PA) / Kings Amusement Park: Norfolk, NE (4 pages, 6 images).

Magazine Vol.41/No.2: 2019. 22x28cm – 36 Pages – Full colour Features: People of the Parks: Dick Knoebel (6 pages, 22 pages / The Electric Playground (Includes: Electric Park: Kansas City, MN; Carnival Park: Kansas City, KS; Electric Park: Baltimore, MD; Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, Washington DC, MD; Belle Isle: Detroit MI; White City: Syracuse, NY; Forest Park: Forest Park, IL) / Contributing Author Feature: Chris Lindsley: Funland: Rehoboth Beach, DE (6 pages, 11 images) / Roller Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Rock Springs Park: Chester WV; Hyde Park: Muskogee OK; Joyland: Wichata, KS; Steeplechase Island: Bridgeport, CT; Forest Park: Cook County, IL; Chester Park: Cincinnati, OH) / Midway State Park: Maple Springs, Bemus Point, NY (6 pages, 14 images) / A Look Back to 1944 (Includes Heinz Ocean Pier: Atlantic City, NJ; Eyerly Aircraft Company; Al Fresco Amusement Park: Peoria Heights, IL; Luna Park: Redcliffe Point, Queensland, Australia; Luna Park: Coney Island, NY) / NAPHA Heritage Fund Reaches a Milestone $50,000 (5 pages, 35 images) / Council Crest Park: Tualatin Mountains, Portland, OR (3 pages, 6 images).

Magazine Vol.41/No.3: 2019. 22x28cm 36 Pages – Full colour Chapter Points: A Milestone Celebration (A recap of NAPHA's summer trip, June 7-9, 2021 to the Jersey shore, including all three of the Morey's Piers [Surfside Pier, Mariner's Pier, Adventure Pier], Playland's Castaway Cove, and Gillian's Wonderland Pier) / A Look back to 1963 (events that year involving Six Flags over Georgia, Revere Beach, Disneyland, Euclid Beach Park, Fontaine Ferry Park, and Cedar Point) / Themed Kiddie Parks That You Can Still Visit (Children's Fairyland: Oakland, CA; Great Escape: Lake George, NY; Land of Make Believe: Hope, NJ; Pixie Wood's Children's Park: Stockton, CA; Storyland: Glen, NH; Storybook Land: Egg Harbor, NJ; Storyland: Fresno, CA; Enchanted Forest: Ellicot City, MD; Storyland: New Orleans, LA; Storybook Forest-Idlewild & SoakZone: Ligonier, PA; Enchanted Forest Water Safari: Old Forge, NY; Fairy Tale Forest: Oak Ridge, NJ; Storybook Gardens: London, Ontario; Storybook Island Rapid City, SD; Fairytale Town: Sacramento, CA; Magic Forest: Lake George, NY; Dutch Wonderland: Lancaster, PA; Land of Oz: Beech Mountain, NC; Enchanted Forest: Turner, OK; Story Book Forest: Owen Sound, Ontario; Storybook Land: Aberdeen, SD; / Storyland, A Fairy Tale Brought To Life (A full history of Story Land: Glen, NH) / Contributing Author Feature: Remembering Freedomland USA by Mike Virgintino (A full park history).

Magazine Vol.41/No.4: 2019. 22x28cm 36 Pages – Full colourFeatures: Keeping the Magic Alive: Surviving Christmas Parks in North America (includes: Holiday World & Splashin' Safari: Santa Claus, IN; Santa's Workshop: Wilmington, NY; Village Du Père Noël: Quebec, Canada; Santa's Village: Jefferson, NH; Santa's Village: Muskoka, Ontario; Skypark at Santa's Village: Skyforest, CA; Santa's Workshop: Canada's CO; Santa's Land USA; Putney, VT; Santa's Village: Dundee, IL; Santa's Land Fun Park & Zoo: Cherokee, NC) / Thrills of the Season (Includes Christmas and Holiday celebrations and events at Rockaways' Playland: Flushing, NY; Disneyland: Anaheim, CA; Knott's Berry Farm: Buena Park, CA; Pacific Ocean Park: Santa Monica, CA; Edaville Railroad: Warren, Carver, MA; Kings Island: Cincinnati, OH; Hersheypark, Hershey, PA; Dollywood: Pigeon Forge, RN; Disney's Hollywood Studios: Lake Buena Vista, FL; Universal's Islands of Adventure: Orlando, FL; Kennywood: Pittsburgh, PA; Lakemont Park: Altoona, PA; Europa-Park: Rust, Germany; Liseberg: Gothenburg, Sweden; Tivoli Gardens: Copenhagen, Denmark) / Playland: Looking Back at an Ocean City Landmark (6 pages; 16 images); A Look Back to 1994 (Includes: Valleyfair: Shakopee, MN; Elitch Gardens: Denver, CO; Seabreeze Park: Rochester, NY; Indiana Beach: Monticello, IN; King's Castleland: Whitman, MA; Disneyland: Anaheim, CA) / The Amusement Parks of the Last Frontier (Alaska state's amusement parks, including: Roadrunner Amusement Park: Anchorag; Anchorage Kiddieland: Anchorage; H2Oasis: Anchorage; Extreme Fun Center: Wasilla; Southeast Alaska State Fairgrounds; Mukluk Land: Tok; Pioneer Park, Alaskaland: Fairbanks) / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Includes Scottish National Exhibition: Glasgow, Scotland: Clacton-On-Sea: England, UK; Hanlan's Point: Toronto, CA; Tivoli Gardens: Copenhagen, Denmark; Sunnyside Beach Park: Toronto, CA; Rockwood Park: St. John, New Brunswick, Canada)