NAPHA ParkHop22

Our Premier 2022 Summer Event

Amusement park preservation is not just about displaying artifacts in a museum, but rather it is a unique and difficult challenge that can take many forms. ParkHop22 will give attendees the opportunity to experience four of the Midwest’s best examples of industry preservation. Enjoy the action packed boardwalk of Indiana Beach, a beloved park nearly lost but now being reborn with an emphasis on classic attractions. Visit Santa’s Village, a pioneering theme park that sat abandoned for five years but is now a thriving family amusement park. Journey to Green Bay where the city owned Bay Beach Amusement Park, one of the country’s oldest amusement parks has enjoyed success by resurrecting a classic roller coaster design and end your tour at Little Amerricka, home to several classic amusement park rides that are rare in today’s industry. Each of these parks represent some of the nation’s best examples of this year’s event theme – Preservation Personified!

Thursday, July 28

Park is located in Eastern Time Zone

8:30-8:45 am:
Park in South Lot and meet by South Gate, Wristbands (Ride-All-Day, plus loaded with 3 rides on Frankenstein's Castle, and 2 tacos). Late arrivals may not be allowed to enter until park opens to public.
9:00 am: ERT on Cornball Express and Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain
10:00 am: Lights-on ERT on Den of Lost Thieves 
11:00 am: First Ride of the Day on the Triple Loop (if unavailable, Tig'rr Coaster)
1:15 pm: Group Ride on Shafer Queen
3:30 pm: Fascination Tournament
5:00 pm: Plaque Presentation at Main Midway Stage
6:00 pm: Dinner; "Indiana Beach Then and Now" presented by Don Hurd; Heritage Fund Auction; Tentative chat with Gene Staples, park owner
10:00 pm: ERT on Hoosier Hurricane

Indiana Beach - Park Details & Directions

About the park:
Since opening in 1926 on the shores of Lake Shaefer, Indiana Beach has evolved into one of the largest amusement resorts in the midwest. For 2022, the park is introducing Triple Loop, a restored triple-looping roller coaster from legendary designer Anton Schwartzkopf.

5224 E. Indiana Beach Rd, Monticello, IN

Friday, July 29

Park is located in Central Time Zone

8:30-8:45 am:
Meet at Park Entrance, Ride-All-Day Wristbands distributed

9:00 am: ERT on Super Cyclone and Tri-Nado TBD: Tour of new Dark Ride experience

12:00 pm: Plaque Presentation; Pizza Buffet; Talk with park management

Santa's Village - Park Details & Directions

About the park:
Founded in 1959, Santa's Village is the only remaining park of the nation's first theme park chain. Closed from 2005 to 2010, the park was given a second chance and re-opened in 2011, renovating and adding new attractions since, including Santa Springs Water Park.

601 Dundee Avenue, East Dundee, IL

Saturday, July 30

Park is located in Central Time Zone

7:45-8:00 am:
Meet at Zippin Pippin entrance, Ticket Strips distributed

TBD: ERT on Zippin Pippin and Yo-Yo

10:00 am: First ride of the day on Bumper Cars

11:30 am: Plaque Presentation; Lunch; Talk with park management

Bay Beach - Park Details & Directions

About the park:
Since 1892, guests have been visiting this shaded and cool park along Lake Michigan. NAPHA has been involved in two major projects at the park: placing the Smith and Smith Chair-O-Plane ride and helping bring Zippin Pippin to the park.

1313 Bay Beach Road, Green Bay, WI

Sunday, July 31

Park is located in Central Time Zone

10:30-10:45 am:
Meet at Park Entrance, Premium Wristbands distributed

11:00 am: ERT on Meteor, Toboggan, and Mad Mouse

12:00 pm: First ride of the day on Whiskey River Railway

1:00 p.m: Plaque Presentation; Lunch; Talk with park management

Little Amerricka - Park Details & Directions

About the park:
Opening in 1991, this park has a unique collection of amusement park rides including a Roll-O-Plane, Toboggan, and a Mad Mouse. The three mile long Whiskey River Railway is one of the park's highlights.

700 E Main St, Marshall, WI

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